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Help with liquor licensing in NSW. The liquor licensing process in NSW can seem complicated for anyone starting or running a liquor-related business. We have helped hundreds of clients across NSW to get the licence or authorisation they need to make their business successful.

Pyramid Liquor Licensing

Whether you are setting up a small online business from home, operating a large bottle shop or hotel or starting up a small bar, we have the experience and expertise to get the result you need.

Liquor Licensing in NSW

Get a liquor licence in NSW. It’s probably faster, cheaper and easier than you think! We have qualified and experienced consultants that take care of everything. New applications for hotels, bars, restaurants or bottle shops. Relocations, transfers or other changes. Help with getting primary service authorisations, extended trading hours, changing boundaries and more. Get in touch with Pyramid Liquor Licensing to see how we can help you.

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For Victoria contact Liqcon at or phone 1800 547 266

For South Australia contact Lion Liquor Licensing at or phone (08) 7200 3608

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