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Navigating the complex and sometimes uncertain regulatory requirements for liquor licensing can be both costly and time consuming with no guarantee that you will get the approval you need to run your business the way you want to.

Liquor Licensing

We have invaluable liquor licensing experience and insight into the application, processing and determination procedures adopted by liquor and gaming regulators in NSW.

Whether you are after a liquor licence for a restaurant or cafe, catering business, hotel, small bar, bottle shop or even a limited licence for a sporting or social club, we can help.

For most new liquor licences or to move your licence to a new location, and for some authorisations, you will have to complete a Category A or Category B Community Impact Statement (CIS) before you can lodge an application.  We can assist you with identifying precisely what is required as part of the application process and assist you with your engagement with the community and completion of the appropriate CIS.

Permits and authorisations that you can obtain for your liquor licence include a Primary Service Authorisation (PSA) allowing licensed restaurants to serve alcohol without a meal, and a minors area authorisation that allows children to be in certain parts of a hotel or registered club (such as the dining area) when they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

We can help you apply for such authorisations and, depending on your business model, advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of operating an on-premises licence with a PSA as compared to operating with a small bar or general bar licence, for example.

The strict regulatory regime surrounding liquor licensing in NSW, and particularly in the Sydney metropolitan area, can make it just as difficult and complex to change something about your licence as it is to apply for a new licence. We can offer you advice and suggestions on the most efficient and cost effective way of aligning your business model with your licensing requirements.

Liquor licensing in NSW

We offer advice and assistance to obtain a new liquor licence or authorisation and to make changes to an existing licence.  There are a number of different liquor licences and authorisations available, depending on the type of business you want to operate.  They include:

  • Full Hotel – The primary purpose of a full hotel is the sale of alcohol but other services can also be offered including poker machines, Keno, TAB facilities and take away liquor sales.
  • General bar – A form of limited hotel licence that does not authorise take away sales or gaming facilities.
  • Small bar – This licence allows the sale of alcohol without the need to be carrying on another type of activity but is limited to 120 patrons.
  • Packaged liquor – Bottle shop.  A packaged liquor licence can be granted for over the counter sales at traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ stores but can also be granted for online sales only.
  • On-premises – This licence allows the sale of alcohol where the primary purpose of the business is another activity.  Most commonly used in restaurants and cafes where the primary purpose is serving food, but can be granted for other types of businesses.
  • Caterers licence – This is a form of on-premises licence that allows the sale of alcohol as part of a catering business either at the licensee’s own premises or at a different location (with conditions).
  • Limited licence – This licence is available to non-profit organisations (like sports or community clubs and charities) for either a single function or multiple functions (up to 52 per year). Typically this licence is used for trade fairs, race meetings, performances, fetes, carnivals, events with public amusement or for a charitable fundraising purpose.

There are also a large number of authorisations and permits that can be granted along with a licence to allow you to be flexible in the way you deliver your services to the public.

We also offer advice in relation to compliance with liquor laws, developing plans of management and responsible service of alcohol obligations.

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